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Trace Elements and Other Essential Nutrients: Clinical application of tissue mineral analysis
by Dr David L Watts (2003)

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Dr Watts has been involved in clinical nutrition for 30 years. Over the past 25 years his research has focused on the study of tissue mineral patterns found in human hair. Having reviewed over 200,000 tissue mineral profiles, he has identified interrelationships between minerals, vitamins and the neuroendocrine system. His research encompasses the impacts of specific nutrient mineral imbalances and toxic minerals, and has led to the development and recognition of individual tissue mineral patterns associated with various disease trends and metabolic types.

This book is a comprehensive account of the latest developments and significant factors in nutritional and environmental medicine. It provides readers with an insight into hair mineral analysis, nutritional relationships, nutritional-endocrine relationships and metabolic individuality, and a deeper understanding into the major nutrient and toxic minerals found in the body.

Dr Watt' s book is an invaluable advanced reference book for those studying and practicing nutritional therapeutics.