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WHAT IS HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)?

InterClinical Laboratories -an Australian leader in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).  Providing accurate, reproducible, clinical results with a gold-standard evidence-based interpretive report.

HTMA is a safe and non-invasive pathology test measuring the levels of nutrients and toxic minerals (including heavy metals) found in hair (to parts per million). HTMA is one of the most valuable screening tools available in preventative health care.


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Environmental toxins (heavy metals) are a cause of cancers, chronic conditions, infertility and more. How are you currently testing for toxic minerals?

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With over 20 years’ experience in the field of nutrition, InterClinical Laboratories provides valuable services to support your clinic. Our team of nutritional experts have formulated effective nutritional supplements from the finest ingredients. And as one of the leading providers of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, we continue to demonstrate our full commitment to serving you and your patients.

Quality and Reliability

InterClinical Laboratories, using the latest technology, provides the highest quality bioavailable nutritional supplements and accurate, reproducible, gold standard Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for you and the patients you serve. We maintain a supportive technical advisory service, and an extensive educational database to support your clinic.

InterClinical Professional Sample Range

InterClinical Professional

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Bringing Body Chemistry into Balance

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis identifies individual nutritional needs and toxic element burdens not revealed in other standard pathology testing. Together with the finest quality nutritional supplements we support your journey to health and harmony.

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HTMA for Health and Wellness

InterClinical Laboratories uses the latest technology to measure trace elements found in hair, to an accurate and reproducible gold standard. Skilled nutritional experts interpret your data to produce your unique Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis report.

Healthy People

The Wellness Range

At InterClinical Laboratories our team of health professionals seek out the finest ingredients to provide bioavailable nutritional products of the highest quality. Our products are manufactured in Australian GMP licensed facilities using specially selected ingredients sourced from Australia and around the world. Our products are vegan friendly and contain minimal excipients.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: Balancing Body Chemistry (Brochure)

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a non-invasive health screening tool for measuring your body’s mineral status. This data highlights potential health problems and provides a nutritional program designed to meet your individual health needs.

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Algotene – Red Marine Phytoplankton (Brochure)

Algotene (Dunaliella Salina) is one of nature’s most nutrient dense foods. It is an easy to digest, soft walled phytoplankton, rich in natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll and phytonutrients.

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Reparen - ionic calcium and phosphorus (Brochure)

Reparen contains monobasic calcium, a special water soluble, ionic form of calcium that helps support healthy bones, tissue repair and muscle function; and phosphate that supports growth, development and energy.

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Artemisia Plus - The ideal remedy... (Brochure)

Artmeisia Annua has been valued and appreciated for its medicinal qualities for over 3,000 years – plus Chinese Wormwood, Thyme, Clove, Fennel, Pau D’arco, Cat’s Claw, Mugwort & Ornithine

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InterClinical Professional Products (Brochure)

InterClincial Professional

An exceptional line of supplements at the forefront of nutritional medicine. This range contains minerals, vitamins, botanical extracts and other constituents that are formulated to meet specific, individual nutritional needs.

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Advantages of being a Registered InterClinical Practitioner

Our Range

InterClinical Laboratories
InterClinical Professional
InterClinical Wellness
  • HTMA from InterClinical Laboratories

    InterClinical Laboratories

    The Gold Standard in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis!

    Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis provides vital information to help you get your health back on-track and maintain wellness in all stages of life! InterClinical is the Gold Standard in providing high quality analysis and most complete and informative interpretive report. We offer a quantitative test that measures the mineral composition of hair, (precise to parts per million). It is a safe and non-invasive test that reflects the level of nutrients and toxic elements in body tissue.

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  • InterClinical Professional - Practitioner Only Formulas

    InterClinical Professional

    Simple Nutrients. Effective results.

    The InterClinical Professional (Practitioner Only) product range includes an extensive array of elemental mineral formulations. Our minerals are sourced from the highest grade mineral salts and fully reacted amino acid chelates, supported by activated vitamin cofactors and selected amino acids. All of the InterClinical Professional range have been formulated to be synergistically optimized.

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  • InterClinical Wellness range of products including Algotene, Reparen range and Artemisia Plus

    InterClinical Wellness

    Making every day better

    Our InterClinical Wellness range born of our passion for health, and our enthusiasm and belief in a natural, holistic approach, is made from the most bioavailable ingredients and designed to support optimal energy and wellbeing. Each product is a broad spectrum and effective supplement crafted from evidence-based nutritional research by our skilled team.

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Supporting our Natural Health Community

We are privileged to support and work in alliance with many natural health associations. These associations support practitioners and help to maintain natural medicines underlying core values; the healing power of nature and treating the person as a whole. We are proud to sponsor association events that promote the validity of natural health.

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    From the Director

    I am proud to work with nutritional practitioners and provide this valuable service. The feedback we receive is heart-warming and strengthens my commitment to the nutritional health community.”

    Ian Tracton
    Founding Director, InterClinical Laboratories