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Flower of Life

Our passion is to work with health care professionals to help them achieve the best possible clinical outcomes by improving health, quality of life and general well-being. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, made from the most bioavailable, vegan friendly ingredients. We ensure that all products are evidence-based and created only from the finest quality raw ingredients.

We seek to target specific elemental requirements for each individual, rather than creating multi element formulas. This desire to individualise treatment, inspired us to launch an intensively researched, high quality selection of mineral and nutritional supplements. Our InterClinical Professional range is for practitioner dispensing only.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis offers clinical insight into your health by identifying nutrient deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances. Hair tissue is one of the best indicators of exposure to environmental toxins and identifying toxic metal overload.

InterClinical Laboratories works with the world’s leader in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Our testing is performed at the Trace Elements Laboratories established in 1984. The Laboratory utilises the most stringent standards, up-to-date equipment and offers you the most comprehensive, highly informative test reports.

You rely on accurate data – so we use the most sophisticated laboratories.

We have processed over 170,000 Australian and New Zealand hair tissue samples using the most up to date technology. Our results are consistent and reproducible. Our products are developed by a team of skilled researchers, practitioners and technicians in the fields of complementary, herbal and nutritional medicine. You can depend on the efficacy and quality of our nutritional products. As a valued InterClinical Laboratories practitioner you will receive the consistent support of our entire team.

InterClinical Laboratories knows the most important consideration in your practice is improving and better managing your patient’s health. This is the driving force behind every product and service our company provides, ensuring our practitioners are equipped with the most comprehensive, reliable testing services and the best possible nutritional, herbal and natural medicine products. Our priority is to support you in all the stages of your life – growing your family, menopause, healthy aging, or whether you are dealing with  illness, heavy metal toxicity or other imbalances.

I have been working with nutritional medicine practitioners, researchers and experts for over 30 years. I am proud to be part of the complementary health care industry and work with so many knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated people. The positive feedback we constantly receive from both practitioners and their patients is always heart-warming and only strengthens my commitment. Ian Tracton, Founding Director, InterClinical Laboratories