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    Some of the topics we have covered in
    30 – 45mins sessions
    (can be listened to as podcasts!) include:

    Minerals Including Iron, Copper, Zinc, Boron
    Vitamins & HTMA Including Vitamin C, B6


    Biomarkers in Conditions/Illnesses
    Immunity and HTMA
    Thyroid, Adrenals & Sub Types!
    HTMA & Women
    HTMA and Fibromyalgia
    The Health Continuum
    ADHD & Spectrum Disorders
    Magnesium and Immunity

    Essential Mineral Utilisation
    Significant Ratios
    Additional Ratios
    Trends and Tendencies
    Dietary Suggestions
    Where HTMA Cracked the Case
    The Importance of Re-Testing

    Heavy Metals & Detoxing
    Heavy Metals & Targeted Nutritional Chelation – Part 1: Toxic Ratios
    Heavy Metals & Targeted Nutritional Chelation – Part 2: Chelating for wellbeing
    HTMA, Water and Heavy Metals
    HTMA, Heavy Metals and the Home
    Vitamin E, Selenium and their importance in detox
    Heavy Metals in Our Shopping Baskets

    Special Guests
    In-Clinic with Dr Rick Malter PhD Clinical Psychologist, Nutritionist
    Janine Castle – HTMA in Practice
    Susan Werkner (Digital Marketing Expert) – The 4 key steps to growing your clinic!- Guest
    Dr Mark Donohoe & Professor Stephen Meyers – Long COVID
    Angela Carroll – Did you know HTMA benefits more than just your clients?
    Angela Carroll – Scaling your Business in 2022

    A focus on Case Studies
    Interpreting HTMA reports with case studies Part 1
    Interpreting HTMA reports with case studies Part 2
    Interpreting HTMA reports with case studies Part 3
    Interpreting HTMA reports with case studies Part 4

    And more…
    Common Question: How do I get started
    Resources to Assist you in clinic (Part 1 & 2) for HTMA consultants
    Tools and resources to help understand/educate your patients on their reports

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    Learn about the InterClinical HTMA Practitioner Accreditation Program!

    Who should register?

    Are you interested in learning more about health, well-being, and preventative care using a bio-individual approach, using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis as a fundamental pathology?

    Are you keen on improving client wellness, in conjunction with improving engagement & retention?

    Are you already using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and would like to improve your knowledge and skills?
    Keen to interact with colleagues at the same level?

    Groups from students to Masterclass level!

    Register your interest now

    InterClinical Mentoring Program Outline

    • Weekly expert mentoring on HTMA, and other subjects including minerals, nutrition, supplementation, detoxification
    • Advice re integrating HTMA into your consultation for improved clinical outcomes
    • An authentic approach to working with your clients for greater wellbeing & preventative care
    • Professional and peer support in a fun, relaxed environment!
    • Incentives for growth and learning (including supplement credits!)
    • Tools and social media assistance

    Program Prerequisites

    1. Complete the InterClinical HTMA in Clinic Course (90 minutes), which can be accessed here (Practitioners that have completed 50 HTMA tests with InterClinical Laboratories do not need to complete.)
    2. Do your own HTMA at a special practitioner rate.

    Why should you do your own Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis? The feedback from practitioners is their understanding increased significantly on reading and interpreting their own report.

    Please Note: You can register your interest prior to completing the prerequisites.

    InterClinical Laboratories is one of Australia’s leading practitioner-aligned nutritional medicine and healthcare screening companies.

    Our evidenced-based nutritional, herbal and natural medicine product ranges, InterClinical Professional and InterClinical Wellness, are developed by a team of highly skilled local and international researchers, practitioners and experts specialising in complementary medicine. We provide reliable and comprehensive nutrient and toxic element testing, using non-invasive Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis by ICP -Mass Spectrometer analysis. InterClinical is the gold standard in accuracy and interpretation.

    We support our clients with valuable resources and educational materials, as well as mentoring and a free practitioner advisory service. We ensure practitioners are equipped with the knowledge and skills required in attaining the best possible patient outcomes. InterClinical Laboratories is an Australian owned company that has been serving health care professionals since 1996.

    INterClinical Mentoring