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Often people say...

I'll just run to the shop and buy some vitamins / minerals

Practitioner Support

Are you causing harm or imbalance?

Do you really need them?

Are you fixing the problem or creating new ones?


The therapeutic use of vitamins and minerals is far advanced over what it was even just a decade ago due to extensive research resulting in a better understanding of body biochemistry and how it’s affected, both positively and adversely by nutrition and toxins.  With this wealth of information available to professional practitioners, you shouldn’t take lightly the role of nutrition in health and disease.

The most important part of your journey to well-being is understanding the cause of health and well being issues. A professional has the training to understand the delicate balance of nutrients and co-factors that can make a difference to how you feel. They will take into account your history, medical reports, lifestyle, exposure to toxins and dietary information to recommend an individual treatment plan that includes the best and most appropriate supplements for you.

Where was the supplement manufactured?

How much is in a form that your body can breakdown?

What are the extra’s in the supplement, the little nasties?!


With so many different nutritional and herbal supplements available it’s also important to understand that these can vary greatly in quality and efficacy. Supplements can effect physiological change, and a professional is trained to prescribe the best quality products and treatments to support your personal story. A health care professional will monitor your progress, update and adjust your supplements and dosages, to help achieve the best possible short and long term well-being.

Our practitioner-only range offers high quality, Australian manufactured nutritional support supplements. It is designed for the healthcare professional to provide optimal and consistent treatment to suit your individual needs. We encourage you to find a practitioner to build a trusting relationship and live a good life!

InterClinical Laboratories highly recommend seeking the advice of a qualified integrative or naturopathic health care practitioner for proper assessment and management.


We’d love to help you find a practitioner in your area who has HTMA expertise and meets your needs! Please email us info@interclinical.com.au or call on (02) 9693 2888

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