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What's inside your pack?

Your free pack contains everything you need to get started with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in your practice and start monitoring your patients nutrient mineral levels and heavy metal toxic burdens.


Having your patients base line analytical data provides powerful comparative monitoring during treatment and through all stages in your patients life.  The report enables you to prescribe specific treatments, achieving better clinical outcomes and monitoring.

Free Practitioner Pack

Inside Your FREE Practitioner Pack you will receive:

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner Reference Guide

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Pathology request forms

Hair sample envelopes

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Waiting Room Brochures

HTMA Susie Sample Report

InterClinical Professional Product Guide

Periodic Table of Elements and Major Nutritional Relationship (wall poster)

Product samples from our range

Pricing Information

A Discount Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Offer

Cup of Peppermint Tea

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