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Interclinical Laboratories – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Optimum nutrition is key to healthy aging.

The Conundrum: Each person’s requirement is unique based on complex factors including current health status and nutritional levels, absorption, exogenous stressors (including medication, heavy metal toxicity, physical and emotional stress), and so forth.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis empowers the practitioner to identify the specific nutrient mineral imbalances and toxic element burdens, thereby enabling treatment on a bio-individual basis.

InterClinical Laboratories HTMA is the gold standard, with quantitative testing of 37 minerals precise to parts per million and the charting of 27 physiologically significant ratios. An Interpretive report including over 4,000 computations, provides a comprehensive patient medical discussion including absolute and relative mineral deficiencies and excesses, toxic burdens, mineral biomarkers, detailed supplement and dietary recommendations.

Distinct mineral patterns can be seen in patients with diseases associated with ageing. Early detection through HTMA and initiating a preventative care treatment plan may potentially slow the progression of disease or reduce symptoms. HTMA is more than an invaluable screening tool, it forms the basis of a treatment plan both in health management and prevention.

InterClinical’s nutrient and toxic element hair testing is a non-invasive pathology that accurately measures tissue mineral levels utilising an ICP Mass Spectrometer. The mineral level is untainted by the body’s immediate reaction to stress, nor the previous meal as opposed to blood minerals which are affected by both and homeostatic regulation. It is ideal for both in-clinic and telehealth consultations.


Bioactive, Bioavailable, Quality Ingredients  

InterClinical Professional is a vegan-friendly, practitioner-only range of nutritional supplements for the clinician to better treat and manage their patient’s health.

This smart, evidence-based nutritional range includes metabolic multi-nutritionals, endocrine support formula, digestive aids, elemental minerals, and essential vitamins.  The products are made from the highest quality raw materials, using minimal excipients, and the lowest potential allergenic ingredients.

Our formulations are developed to address biochemical individuality, and to support absorption and cellular utilisation of nutrients at minimum doses.

Australian Made. Australian Owned.

Malabsorption or reduced absorption of nutritional elements due to age is well documented. Studies indicate that the body’s capacity to produce enzymes diminishes 13% every 10 years. Cases of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency due to age rather than malnutrition are significant,