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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis empowers the practitioner to identify specific nutrient mineral imbalances and toxic element burdens. It enables treatment on a bio-individual basis. InterClinical is the gold standard, testing 37 minerals and charting 27 ratios precise to parts per million. The Interpretive report is the most advance of it’s kind with over 4,000 computations – providing a comprehensive patient medical discussion including detailed supplement and dietary recommendations.

HTMA is not just an invaluable screening tool, it forms the basis of a treatment plan both in health management and prevention.

InterClinical provides training and in-clinic resources as well as free one on one training and technical support calls to discuss your patient’s results.

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Bioactive, Bioavailable, Quality Ingredients  

InterClinical Professional is a vegan-friendly, practitioner-only range of nutritional supplements for the clinician to better treat and manage their patient’s health.

This smart, evidence-based nutritional range includes metabolic multi-nutritionals, endocrine support formula, digestive aids, elemental minerals, and essential vitamins.  The products are made from the highest quality raw materials, using minimal excipients, and the lowest potential allergenic ingredients.

Our formulations are developed to address biochemical individuality, and to support absorption and cellular utilisation of nutrients at minimum doses.

Australian Made. Australian Owned.







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