Goaties by InterClinical - Yummy health treats Rich in Goodness

Goaties are made with pure, whole Goat’s milk powder. Goat’s milk is valued as a complete, balanced whole food all over the world. Producing about 2% of the current global milk supply, most populations of people who consume goat milk cite a lower incidence of digestive complaints. With less lactose, more calcium, potassium and vitamin A than cow’s milk, goat’s milk is the pick of the pasture!

Goaties by Interlinical
Delicious and Nutritious

Goaties™ are the ideal snack food containing protein, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Goaties™ provide premium nutrition in a bite-sized treat. A handful of Goaties™ makes for a naturally sustaining snack. Packed in individual sachets for convenience and freshness, Goaties™ are a deliciously nutritious between-meal snack to boost energy and concentration at school, work, and home, or on the go!

RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE (Inc GST) : $2.20 per sachet

Goaties by InterClinical


• Goat’s milk is very similar in composition to that of human milk.
• Goat’s milk is more easily assimilated than cow’s milk protein.
• Goat’s milk can be used as a suitable alternative to cow’s milk.

Minerals & Vitamins:

• Goat’s milk powder contains calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, vitamin A,
and vitamin B1.
• Goat’s milk is higher than cows’ milk in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A.
• Goaties™ contain small amounts of easily absorbed essential trace nutrients in every treat.
• Goaties™ contain calcium and phosphate, which are integral components of bones and teeth.


• Goat milk fats are naturally homogenised i.e. dispersed in fine droplets facilitating easier digestion.
• Goat’s milk contains medium-chain fats which are not stored and are rapidly burned for energy production.
• Goat’s milk short-chain fats provide fuel for good bacteria in the colon..


• Lactose aids the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
• Supports the growth of friendly bacteria in the human gut, promoting a healthy digestive system.
• Contains galactose, a simple sugar found in lactose, plays a role in brain and nervous system development.