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Looking After YOur 1st HTMA Patient

Most Reliable Clinical Results

Hair Tissue Analysis Report

Comprehensive Quantitative & Qualitative Data


State of the Art Laboratory


Advanced Interpretive Reports

We are committed to the ongoing pursuit of quality analytical services using the latest, most advanced technology available.

Test results proven to be reproducable.
Reference ranges established using an international population of “healthy” and normal individuals.

Surpassed over one million HTMA patient specimens!

InterClinical provides the most reliable and comprehensive quantitative data on patient mineral balances, providing qualitative information for practitioners designed to aid in patient appraisal and recommendations.

We are dedicated to providing timely, accurate and precise laboratory results with the most clinically relevant information.

All results reported in parts per million (ppm).

Our laboratory facilities are based in the United States and owned by Trace Elements Incorporated (TEI). TEI is a licensed and certified clinical laboratory that undergoes regular inspections with the Clinical Laboratory Division of the Department of Health and Human Services, HCFA. Our laboratory uses ICP-MS (Mass Spectrometry), the most modern and advanced analytical technology to be applied to routine elemental mineral analysis.

Quality Assurance Information

InterClinical Laboratories has been the leading provider for hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) in Australia and New Zealand for over two decades.

We test for 37 Nutrient and the Toxic Minerals and 27 Mineral Ratios.

Our advanced interpretive reports are the best of their kind.

View the 37 nutrient & toxic minerals  & report on 27 significant mineral ratios.