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    Improve your patient outcomes.

    Layered Therapy:

    • Giving power back to the practitioner
    • Building your prescription – create a personalised health treatment plan
    • Dosage decisions made by the practitioner
    • Dosage decisions can be based on individual patient requirement
    • Dosage can be changed throughout therapy
    • Option to give lower regular doses throughout the day for better absorption (reduce irritation)
    • Ability to start low and slow when needed in detoxification, heavy metal chelation, chronic illness, complex illness patients and patients with MTHFR issues.


    InterClinical Professional

    Why use Layered Therapy?

    Treat the Deficiency

    Neutralise Toxicity/Excess

    Balance & Re-Balance

    Personalised Health. Greater Absorption. Maximised Utilisation.

    Always read the label.