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Who should register?

Are you interested in learning more about health, well-being, and preventative care using a bio-individual approach, using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis as a fundamental pathology?

Are you keen on improving client engagement & retention?

Are you already using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and would like to improve your knowledge and skills? Keen to interact with colleagues at the same level?

Groups from students to Masterclass level!

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INterClinical Mentoring

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    Why Register?

    What makes a good practitioner?
    Common answers: desire to heal, good listening skills, empathy, knowledge, ethics, problem-solving skills…

    But what helps us stand out from the pack?
    Improved clinical outcomes, presence, differentiating yourself, patient engagement, patient retention.

    Confidence in Clinic.
    Running a clinic is difficult, building your clinic is a huge task! Having the confidence to integrate HTMA in your clinic has a learning curve – the InterClincial Mentoring Program offers knowledge in bite-size lessons, practical examples and ideas, tools and resources – but most of all support from a range of experts. All this adds up to confidence in clinic!

    InterClinical Mentoring Program Outline

    • Weekly expert mentoring on HTMA, and other subjects including minerals, nutrition, supplementation, detoxification
    • Advice re integrating HTMA into your consultation for improved clinical outcomes
    • An authentic approach to working with your clients for greater wellbeing & preventative care
    • Professional and peer support in a fun, relaxed environment!
    • Incentives for growth and learning (including supplement credits!)
    • Tools and social media assistance

    Program Prerequisites

    1. Complete the InterClinical HTMA in Clinic Course (90 minutes), which can be accessed here (Practitioners that have completed 50 HTMA tests with InterClinical Laboratories do not need to complete.)
    2. Do your own HTMA at a special practitioner rate.

    Why should you do your own Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis? The feedback from practitioners is their understanding increased significantly on reading and interpreting their own report.

    Please Note: You can register your interest prior to completing the prerequisites.

    Ann Wine


    I’m the Business Operations Manager at InterClinical Laboratories. I have been in business for over thirty years (yes I’m old and I walk around with glasses on my head!). I have worked in large companies and worked for myself and by myself. Working solo is the most difficult work environment – unforgiving and isolating, although the most exciting and enjoyable!

    I absolutely love supporting people in business and sharing my experience. My expertise is everything digital – software (apps), websites, social media and data – I love data.

    Shannen Goldthorpe

    Hi everyone, I’m Shannen and I’m your Customer Service person here at InterClinical. I’ve been in some form of Customer Service since I entered the workforce over 25 years ago. As many do, I found my first job at a fast-food joint where I grew up, in Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Prior to landing at InterClinical, I was a Sales Trainer in the Travel Industry and while I’ve worked in a number of different industries in my life there has always been one consistent message – Customer is King. If we don’t have customers, we don’t have a business!

    As a child, I was painfully shy, attributes which still surface from time to time. So when I found myself in a Training and Presenting role there was a lot to overcome! Not only was it something new (can anyone say imposter syndrome??), but it was speaking in a public forum which can be terrifying for anyone. But the more I did it, the more my confidence grew, and before long I was actually enjoying it. The key is preparation!

    My point here is that I understand how daunting it can be to start something new or that you aren’t super confident with. You’ve probably found your comfort zone. And it’s nice to be in that comfort zone! But if you can break out by integrating HTMA into your practice, I’m sure you will find plenty of rewards.

    Susan Szczesny

    Hi I’m Susan,  I am a HTMA Technical Consultant at InterClinical Laboratories.

    When I was a newly trained naturopath I had all this knowledge, but when I started to practice I felt the need to be part of a collaborative group. We all need support, no matter how experienced we are. That’s why I love this mentoring program. It’s a place where we can come together as a group and share ideas and learn from others.

    I’ve been privileged to have been taught Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis interpretation. And I’d love to pass on what I’ve learned about HTMA to you, and I look forward to learning from you too.