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InterClinical Professional

InterClinical Laboratories are proud to bring you our practitioner-only range, an exceptional line of supplements at the forefront of nutritional medicine. InterClinical Professional is an evidence based range of nutrients and herbs containing bioactive ingredients, synergistic formulas and minimal excipients. Our formulations are all vegan friendly and economically priced.

The InterClinical Professional range offers an extensive selection of minerals, vitamins, botanical extracts and other constituents that are formulated to meet specific nutritional and metabolic needs. Each synergistic formula is carefully designed to provide an individualized nutritional program. These delicately devised supplements require minimum doses to support gentle absorption for optimal cellular utilization of nutrients.

InterClinical Professional is available to Australian and New Zealand health care professional, and continues to be one of Australia’s leading practitioner aligned companies. All our products are manufactured according to GMP and TGA regulatory guidelines in Australia, by a 100% Australian owned company.

InterClinical Professional is the result of a close collaboration between InterClinical Laboratories, an Australian owned company, and researchers in the United States. The range has been developed with Dr David L Watts PhD, Director of Research for Trace Elements Inc., and our team of Australian experts, incorporating scientists, researchers, medical experts and practitioners.

Dr Watts has over 40 years of clinical experience in the field of nutrition. We thank Dr Watts, Trace Elements and our team of Australian experts, for their assistance in helping us bring you this exceptional product range.

If you have any further questions about Inter Clinical Professional or require technical service, please contact our support team at InterClinical Laboratories.

For more product information about the InterClinical Professional Range please view our Product Guide.


In the field of nutritional and natural medicines, InterClinical Laboratories is one of Australia’s leading complementary health companies, incorporating nutritional and practitioner aligned products, and nutritional screening services.

We aim to improve and make a difference in people’s lives by delivering high quality and trusted healthcare solutions. We achieve this by translating our research and knowledge into innovative healthcare products and services.

InterClinical Laboratories’ ICL Health range are advanced and original supplements, reflecting our passion for health. Our ICL Health formulations are evidence based, using nutritional science and incorporating the latest discoveries in nutritional medicine. This broad spectrum health range does not require practitioner intervention.

ICL Health is an original range of supplements formulated by a skilled team of researchers, practitioners and technicians in the field of complementary medicine.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our formulations, ensuring that each product is created from natural, bio-available and easily absorbable ingredients.

ICL Health is available throughout Australia and New Zealand at retail outlets, health food stores, pharmacies and natural health practitioners. Manufactured in Australia by InterClinical Laboratories, a 100% Australian owned company, the ICL Health range complies fully with GMP and TGA regulatory guidelines.

If you have any further questions about ICL Health or require technical service, please contact our support team at InterClinical Laboratories.



Our certified organic Marine Phytoplankton, a nutrient rich, natural medicine superfood. One of nature’s richest sources of dietary carotenoid, antioxidants and a comprehensive spectrum of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids (proteins), essential fatty acid (EFA), carbohydrates, polysaccharides and chlorophyll.

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A gentle calcium mineral supplement, formulated with calcium phosphate monobasic, to support bone strength, bone integrity, cartilage health and muscle function. This ionic formula provides an instant supply of calcium and phosphate ions which are a major component of bone and support healthy body tissue.

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Memax Plus

A powerful, high-potency nerve and brain tonic made with a carefully selected herbal formula of Bacopa, Withania and Schisandra, offering the capacity to improve memory, mental cognition, learning and concentration.

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Artemisia Forte

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A great tasting, healthy food snack, made from pure goat’s milk. Offering an alternative to cow’s milk, providing a snack that is easier on the digestive system. Goaties contain calcium, potassium, zinc and iron, vitamin A, B1 and B2, healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

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