Webinar: MEET THE MASTER OF MINERALS – Nutritional Therapy & HTMA Interpretation – Dr David L. Watts PhD


Meet the MASTER of Minerals Nutritional Therapy & HTMA Interpretation

7:30pm (AEST) Tuesday, September 28th 2021 PIONEER, RESEARCHER, PRACTITIONER: Dr David L. Watts PhD DC CCN DACBN FACEP

One of the top biochemists in the USA and the co-founder and Director of Research of Trace Elements, Inc. Dr. Watts has been involved in clinical nutrition for over 50 years.

His research has focused on the study of tissue mineral patterns found in human hair. He has reviewed in excess of 1,000,000 tissue mineral profiles and written over 50 scientific publications. A unique opportunity to listen to one of the world's leading authoritative researchers and clinicians in the areas of tissue mineral analysis, essential minerals, vitamins and nutritional therapy.