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Heart Disease, Copper and Soft Drinks

InterClinical eNews June 2019, Special Edition Recently a popular news story warned that high, long term consumption of sweetened beverages such as soft drinks and soda may increase health risks. A study published in the journal Circulation (1) found that sugar sweetened beverages as well as artificially sweetened beverages were associated with mortality rates. The study consisted of over 37,000 men and over 80,000 women who were followed for over 20...

Sulphites, SIBO & the Maladaptive Response

InterClinical eNews April 2019, Issue 91 This month's issue explores the metabolic disorder sulphite syndrome. We take a look at why sulphites accumulate, highlight the key elements of the symptom picture, discuss how the body adapts, and consider whether some treatment-unresponsive subsets with gut conditions such as SIBO might fit this profile. Lastly, we discuss simple strategies for treatment. Sulphur's Roles in the Body Sulphur's many important roles include being a component of cell structural integrity, gastrointestinal tract lining, connective tissue,...