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    Dear Doctor,


    For over 25 years InterClinical Laboratories have been providing precise Hair Tissue Mineral pathology services and interpretive reports to Australian doctors on nutrient and toxic mineral levels.

    Research has shown that hair is a highly accurate method of assessing heavy metal burdens. The InterClinical HTMA report is accurate to parts per million (tests are performed using an ICP Mass Spectrometer), it analyses 36+ essential, toxic and additional minerals and highlights 26+ significant ratios.

    For patients where you suspect a heavy metal burden or toxicity is a contributing factor, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is key to confirming the level. In addition, the report makes recommendations for chelation therapy based on individual nutritional balances, offering optimal management along with, or in place of approaches such as DMSA and EDTA.

    Dr David L. Watts PhD spoke to Australian Doctors and allied health care practitioners on this subject; you can view this webinar below and a selection of others you may find interesting from guest speakers such a Dr Rick Malter PhD Psychologoist and Nicole Bisjlma and key InterClinical speakers.

    To make use of our gold standard service, please fill in the form and we will contact your office to send either generic or personalised forms, sample sachets, information for patients and the patient price list. If you’d like to try our pathology – take advantage of the $120 special and do your own hair test, (your partner or a colleague). You can download forms and view a video by clicking here or call us on +61 2 9693-2888.


    Yours Sincerely

    Ian Tracton

    CEO, Founding Director