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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

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Benefits of Our Practitioner Program

Our practitioner program has been refined to support you as a practitioner. Without your wonderful support we wouldn’t have the pleasure of bringing you our index of informative practitioner only articles, webinars and educational resources. Your success is our success.

Practitioners Welcome Pack

Access our informative brochures and technical sheets for in depth information about products and nutrients, designed to introduce you to InterClinical Laboratories.

Practitioners Welcome Pack
Webinars and Videos

Check out our online educational webinars and videos on a range of subjects including Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Nutrients.

Practitioner Education Program

View our instructional videos, newsletters, technical articles, and other educational resources to assist you in your clinic.

Practitioners' Support Program

Book a free 30 minute technical call with our expert staff to help interpret your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis report.

Technical Information and Newsletters

Search our technical articles and newsletters that provide a wealth of information for you and your clients.


Check out our calendar of events. Come and say hello to us when we are in your state!

Marketing Resources

Access our educational marketing resources to inform and inspire your clients.

Business Resources

Access a wealth of in depth information about our nutrient range and how to use the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis screening tool in your business.

Special Practitioner Pricing

Our practitioner only range of products are designed for prescribing by a qualified nutritional professional. Find out how our special practitioner only pricing structure can benefit you.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

InterClinical Laboratories friendly experts are keen to help you with information about the results of your clients test.

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InterClinical Professional

This unique range of practitioner only products includes speciality support multi-nutrients, endocrine support, digestive aids, essential vitamins and elemental mineral supplements.

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ICL Health

ICL Health is a range of stand-alone nutritional and herbal supplements designed for every day health and vitality.

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Education and Resources

InterClinical Laboratories presents general educational materials about Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and nutrition.

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Practitioner Only Products

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