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Reparen Water soluble (ionic) monobasic calcium phosphate

Reparen provides a source of ionic calcium and phosphorus. Reparen contains nutrients that support bone, tissue, muscle repair and maintenance. Reparen contains nutrients required in teeth, cartilage, tendon, ligament and skin health. Calcium is required for muscle contraction, relaxation and nerve conduction. Calcium helps maintain healthy heart function; is involved in neurotransmitter and hormone release; various enzyme systems responsible for protein metabolism; blood coagulation; and normal cell division. Phosphorus helps to maintain and support energy production; cell membrane structure; and healthy acid/alkali balance in the body. Phosphorus helps support healthy growth in children. Reparen provides a minimum daily dose of 290mg elemental calcium which may assist in the prevention of osteoporosis when dietary intake is inadequate. Women' s calcium requirements increase after menopause. Adequate dietary calcium in our youth and throughout life is required to maximise bone. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

Each capsule contains

  • Monobasic calcium phosphate 750mg
  • Equiv. calcium 128.4mg
  • Equiv. phosphorus 198.5mg
  • as Calciphos


2 capsules twice daily with or after meals, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Pack size

60 or 120 Vegetable Hard Capsules

Vegan-friendly formula

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