Reparen Joint Care+


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Exciting new Reparen product formulated specifically to assist with joint mobility and flexibility; and to relieve symptoms of mild joint aches, pains and mild arthritis. Supports healthy joint cartilage growth and collagen formation. 

As with the original Reparen, Reparen Joint Care+ contains monobasic calcium phosphate, a special water-soluble, ionic form of calcium & phosphorus; plus two patented ingredients
      • Mesoporosil® Silica a highly bioavailable form of silicon that absorbs quickly and as shown in studies can be longer-acting, and
      • NEM®-Natural Eggshell Membrane, made by a patented process, comprises Types I, V & X collagen; naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans including chondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid.

Synergistic cofactors include Ascorbic acid and Quercetin.


Each Capsule contains:

  • Monobasic calcium phosphate 500mg
    • Equivalent calcium 80mg
    • Equivalent phosphorus 123mg
  • Eggshell membrane powder NEM® 250mg
  • Silicon dioxide MESOPOROSIL® 35mg
    • Equivalent Silicon  3.5mg
  • Colloidal anhydrous silica 14mg
    • Equivalent Silicon 6.5 mg
  • Total Elemental Silicon 10mg
  • Ascorbic acid 50mg
  • Quercetin 10mg

Directions & Indications:

2 tablets once daily with water,or as directed by your health professional

      • Helps improve joint mobility and supports joint flexibility (Eggshell membrane powder)
      • Relieve symptoms of mild arthritis and osteoarthritis. (Eggshell membrane powder)
      • Reduces mild joint soreness and mild joint aches and pains. (Eggshell membrane powder)
      • Decreases mild joint stiffness. (Eggshell membrane powder)
      • Support collagen formation. (Silicon, Vitamin C)
      • Aids healthy bone growth. (Silicon)
      • Help support healthy joint cartilage growth/production. (Silicon)
      • Support tendon health and healthy ligaments. (Silicon)
      • Aids connective tissue production. (Silicon)

2 tablets twice daily with water, or as directed by your health professional

      • Support bone health. (Calcium, Silicon).
      • Maintain bone strength, mass and integrity. (Calcium).
      • Support healthy cardiovascular system function and healthy muscle contraction function. (Calcium)
      • Support energy production (Phosphorous)
      • Help maintain healthy body tissues when dietary intake is inadequate. (Phosphorus)

60 Film Coated Tablets

Vegetarian-friendly (Contains Egg Products - Egg Shell membrane)

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